Material Studies

Where words and creativity frequently collide.

Originally posted on Moggie's Proclamations these blog posts explore the motivations behind certain pieces. They mostly focus on explanations of various works in progress, but also extend to several experimental approaches and snippets of miscellaneous creativity that has never been posted to the site before. It's an unconventional addition due to the nature of this site. However, I feel as though it's beneficial as it helps to illustrate my creative process and how what I do comes into existence.
Pencil, Ink | Unnatural Entities
Digital | Glossy Eyeball
Ink | Ink Reaver
Pencil | Equal Opposites
Coloured Pencil, Ink, Marker | Aquatic Owl
Ink, Watercolour | Fishy Abomination
Acrylic | Leafy Green
Pencil, Digital | Anatomical Fish
Ink, Digital | Multiple Attempts
Pencil, Coloured Pencil, Ink | Corruption Collection
Digital | To Ink a Deathclaw
Pencil, Ink | Mushroom Inspired
Ink | Melty Black Goo
Ink, Watercolour | Mushroom Fluidity
Pencil, Digital | Comparison in Blood
Pencil, Digital | Comparison in Iron
Ink | Greatly Textured Horns
Digital | Fluffy But Terrifying
Digital | Horrific Resurrection