Bomb - 2016 - Coloured Pencil!

An explosive disposition.

Here's a spontaneous and entirely unexpected piece. Following the attempt present in Murky Lioness, here's a more developed approach to the same style that leans a little heavier on ink than coloured pencil. It's an interesting balance. It's also an interesting way to create this kind of thing. Usually I'd start with strong line work and then apply colour, whereas with these pieces I'm starting with much weaker line work and adding to it as I go along. Working alongside the flow of the pencil.

As such, this technique produces a rather interesting style.

But the technique isn't without merit elsewhere. I could see this same approach being useful in... (read more)

"Wark! Wark!" - 2016 - Digital!

The trustiest of steeds.

Chocobos are definitely one of the iconic elements of the Final Fantasy series. One of the most diverse, too. Each colour often represents a different trait or ability, from the limited flight capabilities of black chocobos to the legendary racing capabilities of golden chocobos. In Final Fantasy XIII-2 they were even potential party members. They're quite interesting creatures and you'll likely enjoying riding them if for no reason other than their particular theme music.

It's an addictive piece of theme music.

This particular chocobo is referenced from Final Fantasy X/X-2 while this particular piece is... (read more)