About Moggie
David Wilkshire | London, England
Contact via moggie (at) davidwilkshire.co.uk

Hi! I'm Moggie. I do things on the internet.

I'm an artist with a proclivity for traditional art and a vague understanding of digital art. I'm most comfortable with traditional techniques and materials, but I've enjoyed the time that I've spent with digital techniques and software, and can appreciate the differences (and similarities) between the two. I'm often found obsessing over anatomical reference images and muscles.

I also enjoy gaming and definitely do things as the developers intended them to be done. I'd never deviate from the beaten path and explore areas long before it is advisable to do so. Nor would I face insurmountable opposition whilst consumed by hubris. That'd be silly. What I would do is agonise over character development mechanics and barely noticeable statistical bonuses.

I hope that the above has afforded some insight as to who I am and what I do. Should you be so inclined
(or have any questions), feel free to contact me on the aforementioned e-mail address.